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Participation in Adventure Activities inculcates the spirit of Adventure and helps in building stamina, will power, confidence, team spirit, comradeship and spirit-de-corps, thus directing energy in the right and purposeful direction and helps in character building. While working individually as well as collectively in association with nature and under adverse conditions, participation in adventure activities offers the ideal atmosphere for character building & leadership.

During its existence of 40 years, the Department has trained more than 80,000 people, both male and female, from India and abroad in different disciplines of adventure activities. The Institute has introduced Requirement based /Customised Adventure Courses for large Organisations like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Schools, Colleges, Universities, NCC, Scouts etc. During the year (April to Oct, 2003), the Institute has already trained more than 17,000 students (April to Oct) in different disciplines of Adventure activities. Majority of the students were sponsored by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and the remaining came as individual from all over India. Introduction of such Requirement based/Customised Courses has proved very successful and educative for the students. The KVS intends to give Adventure Training exposure to same number or more students is being earmarked for the next year (2004) also.

This Institute is the largest training centre during the year more than 17,000 schools students from all over India have been trained. Participation in adventure activities will be very useful for college and university students to channalise their energy towards right direction, develop confidence, help in character building, national integration and create awareness about environment protection. Keeping in view the importance and necessity of the Adventure in the life of School/ College /University students, it is proposed to organise the following Adventure Activities during summer 2006 and onwards in the state Of Himachal Pradesh: -

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Details of Course

S.No Name of the Course
1. Basic Mountaineering Course (26 Days)
2. Adventure Course (14 Days)
3. Adventure Course with White Water Rafting (14 Days)
4. Adventure Camp (10 Days)
5. Water Sports (Still Water) 10 days
6. Water Sports (White Water) 10 days
7. Snow Skiing (Duration as per arrangement)
8. Name of the Course
9. Mountaineering Expeditions & Special Treks in Himachal can be arranged.
The charges will be based as per requirement.

Student Training Programme for Adventure Course- I

:: Day - 1 - Briefing, Registration, Medical Check up, Issue of Equipment, Museum, Knot Practice & Games.
:: Day - 2 - Rock Climbing, Lec. on Mountain Walking, Library, Film Show, Obstacles, Group Discussion.
:: Day - 3 - Rock Climbing, Lec. on Mountain Hazards, Group Obstacles, Games, Debate.
:: Day - 4 - Rappelling, Lec. on Weather, Library, Film Show & Games.
:: Day - 5 - Move to Higher Camp.
:: Day - 6 - Exercise Treasure Hunt, Group Planning.
:: Day - 7 - Local Trek, Improvised Shelter, Self Cooking.
:: Day - 8 - Expedition to neighbouring Peak.
:: Day - 9 - Move to Higher Camp.
:: Day - 10 - River Crossing.
:: Day - 11 - Trek to Highest point.
:: Day - 12 - Cross Country Competition, Preparation of improvised shelter & spending the night.
:: Day - 13 - D13 Back to Base Camp, Deposit of Equipment, Interview.
:: Day - 14 - Closing Ceremony & Departure.

Student Adventure Camp (10 day) - Manali, Bharmour, Narkanda, Bir, Billing & Sangla Region

:: Day - 1 - Arrival, Briefing, Registration, Issue of equipment (FN), Knot Practice, Games (AN).
:: Day - 2 - Morning Exercises, Rock Climbing (FN),Local Trek (AN).
:: Day - 3 - Trek to Camp 1 (FN),Lecture on Mountain Walking (AN).
:: Day - 4 - River Crossing (FN),Local Trek (AN).
:: Day - 5 - Trek to Camp II (FN),Lecture on Camp Hygiene (AN).
:: Day - 6 - Trek to the highest point.
:: Day - 7 - Trek to Camp III (FN) Map Reading (AN).
:: Day - 8 - Rappelling (FN) Group Discussions(AN).
:: Day - 9 - Trek to Base Camp.
:: Day - 10 - Deposit of Equipment , Closing Ceremony (FN) Departure (AN).